RC Toys Tasmania

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Welcome to Remote Control Toys Tasmania!

Hello everyone

This website has been developed to help & assist those delving into the exciting hobby of remote control (RC) toys of any sort, air, land, water & anything else that takes your fancy.

There are some incredibly smart people involved in this hobby and we would like to invite them to help build a general site. Some of those are people are members here already, and more than willing to help.

Many people have found out the hard way what is and isn't required to do things and we want to create a one stop shop to help out others with things we all have learnt over the years.

The site has a forum with multiple topics (updated regularly) and includes links to other sites that are already set up. We don't want to replace other fantastic sites, just promote & encourage others to go to them.

The registration process for this site is moderated and there is now a small cost involved if you wish to join in & post here. Forums are currently not moderated & so far self management is working fine.

Please feel free to invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends :) The more the merrier!

Email the Site Administrator about anything you think will improve this site!