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We are currently in the early stages of organising a "twilight sail in" for RC boats at the Lauderdale Canal, most likely on a Saturday evening towards the end of October (dependant on what the weather does).

There are many modelling enthusiasts out there with scale model boats all decked out with lighting etc and here will be a perfect opportunity to show them off.

Whilst we need to stay away from the High Speed racing powerboats (due to hopefully crowded waterways) all other scale and semi scale boats, yachts etc would be more than welcome.

You don't need to be a Club member (after all it is a public waterway) so if you think you have a suitable boat and would be interested please drop me a note so I can get an idea of numbers.

A couple of years ago we tried this with just RC yachts and at the time were hoping to have some racing under lights, unfortunately on each occasion over two or three years the wind did not co-operate and we ended up just drifting around for the evening, but none the less the lit up yachts looked great and everyone enjoyed the events.

Hopefully this year by primarily using powered models things should be a bit more active.

We will most likely have a few yacht "races" & a BBQ on site while waiting for twilight to arrive.

If there is enough interest we would like to repeat the event several times over the summer months.


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Sounds like a good idea. Certainly keen if it's a weekend when ryan is with his mum


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Count me in,

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Well it looks like we have a couple more starters at least.

I have the Rescue17 fire boat almost finished & Moose if beavering away putting the finishing touches (and a new coat of paint) on his tugboat.

At this stahe I would suggest either Saturday 20th or 27th of October as possible dates.

If the weather is no good we can always postpone it if necessary.

Hopefully with a (more or less) firm date, a few more starters will come out of the woodwork.

If we can get some decent participation it could become a fairly regular event.

Here are a couple of links I found to some pics from our first couple of attempts in 2013/2014


Viper Racing Tas

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